Source Code

The source code is available under a traditional open source licence - vis, you can use it for any purpose, free or commercial, as long as you acknowledge the authorship of the preceeding programmers (currently that would be only me :-) ).

A word of warning; this code is not of commercial quality. It only works on SGI Irix, and uses the now obsolete GL library. It is inclined to crash after ~ 100 million monomer-cycles (about a week on my old box). It lacks a decent GUI for creating monomer descriptions. On the plus side, the architecture is reasonably well documented on the web in the form of this phd :-)!

Good luck, and feel free to use the code for any purpose (including code mining and prototyping).

If you make and significant changes to the code I'd love to hear from you, especially if someone has the time to port it to other platforms. All the best, and good luck!

      - Dr Christopher Betts (November 2000)

Source Code Tar File
(Note for PC people - current versions of winzip etc. work fine on tar files!)