Relativistic Picture Gallery

These are some pictures generated by WARP - because the speeds at which colours start changing are substantially less than the speeds at which gross geometric distortion occurs, some of these use false colour to reduce the doppler shift.

Images of a City

These show a city being traversed at high speed. Points to look for are the curving faces of buildings, and the way they appear to stretch. Also note the blue shifting of both the gray buildings and the green trees.

Other points to notice are that in reality, the entire visable spectrum of the city would be shifted into ultraviolet - hence for this picture the doppler effects have been reduced to only 10% of their 'real' value - and even so distant parts of the city are blueshifted to such an extent it is difficult to see the sculpture.

The City at Rest

City approaching at 0.9c - false colour: doppler shift 10%

Warbird in Flight

These show a spaceship moving at relativistic speeds - no false colouration is used, so much of the spaceship is blue or red shifted into black (since it is modelled as having little reflectance in ultra-violet or infra-red).

Things to note are

A stationary Romulan Warbird

Warbird travelling at 0.75c

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