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Research Interests

Nanosimulation PhD

My recently completed PhD in protein self-assembly and biological modelling. I'm in the process of putting it up, a chapter at a time. Source code is also available, however it only currently works on some silicon graphics machines...

Plant Cell Biology Lab Link

Here's a link to the Monash Biological Sciences Plant Cell Biology Lab - the people with whom I'm collaborating...

Nanoscale Self-Assembly

I'm especially interested in the self assembly of proteinacious structures in the cytoskeleton. As part of this work, I have written a generic nanoscale simulator that attempts to model the interactions of objects of size 0.1nm to 100nm interacting on time scales of microseconds to seconds. The program (written in platform independant C++) will be made available on the web soon.


These are tunnels used for cell-to-cell transport in plants. There structure is not fully determined, and I've been using computer modelling and simulation techniques to try to extract more from the available data.

Relativity Simulation

I've also done some work on a real-time special relativity simulator. It's very fast, but not as accurate as a ray-tracer. With the advances in computing power in the five years since it was written, it would probably be a suitable engine for a space- flight simulator or computer game on a PC!